Ex on the Beach

Eight single guys and girls head to the beach looking for love. However one by one, their idea of a holiday romance will be ruined as their ex's turn up.

Genre: Reality

Country: UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2014

IMDb: 4.7

Season 1 - Ex on the Beach
"No description"
"Jack and Liam get to choose their first dates. Jack chooses Vicky and Liam chooses Emily. Liam is less then impressed with how his date turned out when Emily ends up throwing up. After a night in the hot-tub a situation escalates between Liam and Ashley. The next day Liam's left to clean up the house as the others head out on a boat. Chloe's ex Ross turns up on the beach, much to her surprise. He and Vicky are told to go on a date, Vicky doesn't believe if nothing has gone on between Ross and Chloe. The next day Emily and Marco are sent on a date, whilst the rest of the contestants head out horse-riding."
"Vicky continues her romance with Ross, and Marco's ex partner Frankie discovers she has a rival for his attention. Plus, Ash and Chloe are in for a big surprise."
"The fourth ex arrives on the beach and it's another of Ross'. Ross feels Vikki's wrath and the pair end up not speaking. Ross also falls out with Chloe, when she finds out he's told everyone what had happened between them. Both Talitha and Ali and Marco and Frankie's relationships are at breaking point already and things are tested further when Ash goes on a date with Chloe and Marco goes on a date with Emma."
"Frankie and Marco still haven't resolved their issues. Whilst Talitha isn't happy with Ash and spends most of her time bitching to Liam about it. None of the girls are happy with the way Chloe has treated them, in comparison to the boys and so Farah confronts her. Vikki is happy when her ex fling from Australia, Dan, is the next ex who appears. However she has to tell him about what happened with Ross in order to have a clear conscience."
"Talitha and Ash's relationship is rocked when the sixth ex arrives. Emily and Liam go on a date that doesn't end well."
"Jack makes a move on Emily. Ross wants to give things another go with Chloe. Joss reveals a secret that ruins Ash's plans."
"Ash and Talitha split up, he wastes no time in moving onto Chloe. Shelby and Ross' relationship progresses. An ex who Vicky was dreading turns up."
"Ricci's actions cause a divide to form in the group. Ash loses his temper with Liam, and Ricci and Vicky attempt some form of closure."
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"No description"
"No description"
Season 2 - Ex on the Beach
"8 sexy singles arrive at mystery beach for a fun dating show; they find out when they arrive it\u2019s actually \u2018Ex on the Beach!!\u2019 They are all worried but soon forget as flirting takes priority. Immediately there are attractions between Kayleigh and Rogan and Anita and Rogan."
"Megan\u2019s arrival causes drama in the house as Melissa tries to work out if she has a love rival and is not willing to give up her new relationship with Connor. The girls do not see eye to eye. Melissa is sent on a date with Morgan and she takes the opportunity to make Connor jealous!"
"Kayleigh and Adam officially call it quits, she is distraught but HOW will she react when best friend in the Villa tells her about the drunken kiss she had with him. Loren is afraid to tell Kayliegh about the kiss and seeks advice from the other girls."
"Rogan wakes up with Emily to Jess\u2019 disdain. Jess has realised that Rogan can\u2019t control himself when it comes to girls and has vowed off him. They are sent on a date and Rogan attempts to win back Jess\u2019 trust and even opens his heart to her. She begins to warm to him again. But can she really trust him?"
"Anita\u2019s ex has arrived and her emotions are all over the place now that she has slept with Rogan and is hooking up with Gaz. Gaz, Rogan and Loren are sent to the beach for the arrival of a very special ex of someone\u2019s."
"Jess finds out that Rogan has been unable to keep his tongue in his own mouth. A big three way fight ensues and Morgan must decide where his loyalties lie, posing the tough decision, best friend or girlfriend?"
"With tensions high, it\u2019s time to send two feuding girls on a date; Kayleigh and Charlotte are sent on a capoeira date. Kayleigh is not best pleased with Charlotte so far and warns Charlotte off Adam."
"It's the last day and despite all the drama and anxiety some people have made it through. One of the biggest romances of the house is sent on a date- Rogan and Morgan."
"No description"
Season 3 - Ex on the Beach
"8 sexy singles arrive at a tropical paradise but are about to be confronted with the ghosts of their passionate past. The 2 guys that the girls have their eyes on are Kirk Norcross and Bear, a roofer from Essex. The night ends with a standoff between fiery Essex barmaid Megan and sexy Welsh banker Amy as emotions run wild, that is until the first ex appears from the waves to ruin this dream holiday for one unlucky single."
"The second ex has arrived and it's Amy's first true love. The love triangle in the villa escalates as Bear tries to win back Megan's affections away from Jordan."
"\u200bJordan thinks he's won the fight for Megan McKenna but Bear hasn't given up. Kirk and Jemma are still going strong but they are both aware that the arrival of Kirk's nightmare Ex."
"Romance is in the air for Jemma and Kirk until his ex from hell arrives, Cami Lee. She's scorned, seething and won't be satisfied until Kirk's life is over. We see a side to Kirk we've never seen before as he is pushed to boiling point."
"\u200bThe arrival of Ali spells trouble for Jordan and Megan. Jordan has to choose between the love of his life and his love in the villa."
"The return of Vicky Pattison has an immediate effect on the villa, and on her ex, Kirk Norcross. His blossoming new romance with Ali comes under threat as old feelings re-emerge, whilst his ex-fiancee Cami-Li clearly still holds a grudge against the Geordie girl he once replaced her with."
"Meg R bitches to the girls that she's had enough of Megan M causing trouble every night. When Megan M finds out she gets upset until Ali refuses to let her and Jordan sleep in her bed which results in yet another night of Megan madness in the villa. Meanwhile Bear and Vicky are getting very close; much to Holly's annoyance."
"\u200bThe arrival of Stephen, Meg Rees\u2019s Ex has given the girls something to talk about, unfortunately for Meg Rees it\u2019s her best friend, Laura."
"\u200bTensions are riding high between awkward love triangle Laura, Stephen, Meg R and it's not long before the girls come head to head."
"\u200bAfter Jordan kissed new arrival Connie the previous night the future of Jordan and Megan is seriously in doubt. Much to the relief of Meg Rees, Laura has called time on her brief relationship with Stephen. Serial womaniser, Rogan seems content with his new flame Ali whilst the rest of the villa get ready for their last day in paradise."
Season 4 - Ex on the Beach
"8 sexy singles arrive on the beach of their dreams but their holiday quickly becomes a nightmare as their ex lovers (and haters) start to wash up. Scotty T from Geordie Shore likes every one but things heat up with Olivia. Whose ex will make an unexpected entrance..."
"Misery for the singles as the tablet ups it's game and has moved an ex into the villa. Now exes can arrive anytime. Scotty moves on to Nancy, it's not long until his ex, Ashleigh arrives."
"Whilst Nancy May and Scotty grow closer, James and Ashleigh seem to have an actual bond. Meanwhile at the beach, it's, Lacey, Youssef's ex, and he's buzzin' as he might get lucky."
"The love triangle between Scotty T, Nancy May and Lacey gets more uncomfortable as they're sent to the beach to meet the new arrival. It's Lacey's ex Jordan from series 3."
"Olivia reaches breaking point and finds herself swilling James in front of everyone on a rare night out. Gina and Kieran finally seal the deal and there is a new arrival."
"James and Ashleigh grow closer. Kieran set his sights on Olivia but Gina is not giving up on her man easily. Megan decides there is someone in the villa she can't stand."
"The Tablet of Terror forces Gina into an uncomfortable decision. Olivia needs fresh meat and Scotty finally realises that Nancy is the girl for him but will Nancy feel the same way?"
"\u200bIt's the final day in the villa! But there's still time for a new arrival to arrive and ruin paradise... Will anyone survive the final hours and will anyone leave as a couple?"
Season 5 - Ex on the Beach
"It's Ex on the Beach All Stars. Gaz gets tempted by Jemma, old rivals Bear and Jordan both vie for Chloe and love is in the air for Olivia and Liam but fireworks really explode when the first ex arrives to cause utter mayhem."
"Tears flow for Jemma as her ex arrives at the beach. Bear gets nowhere with Chloe but when tensions boil over during a dramatic evening, Bear gets the last laugh."
"The fifth arrival causes chaos for Jemma. After hitting if off with Jemma's ex Hawley, things explode with the girls. Kayleigh gets a surprise when her ex arrives."
"What happens when eight smoking hot single guys and girls arrive in paradise for a dream holiday of sun, sea, sex and good times? Well if only life was that simple, because just as things get off to a sizzling start, MTV bring in their Exes to break up the party - one by one! As the eight original cast are left wondering \"whose Ex is next?\", the trouble in paradise continues to thicken as love triangles become tangled webs of lust, love and loathing. Among the sexy cast is feisty Geordie Shore star, Vicky Pattison, who with her very public breakup and recent string of new guys, is in for one hell of a surprise (or two!), when she's reunited with her Ex On The Beach."
"Things hot up between Holly and Hawley but its the sixth Ex that really turns things upside down as flirtation and unfinished business causes upheaval for the whole villa."
"Bear and Hawley fight for Lillie, but there's some unfinished business with her Ex that throws everything into disarray. Charlotte's date is disrupted by a new arrival."
"Everyone is trying to put the drama aside but there's little chance of a quiet night. Lillie gets closer to Bear but nothing is quite as it seems, while Jemma reaches boiling point."
"The arrival of the next Ex turns a knife in a sore wound for one villa inhabitant, but while another new arrival brings new intrigue, the others need to remember to expect the unexpected."
"Bear is still on the loose and looking for love, while it's chaos and confusion as the next Ex rocks up on the beach. The fires may be reignited for some but old flames can still burn."
"It's the last day and with the end near there's unfinished business to attend to. But not before a final Ex arrives to join the party. Will anyone find love and leave the villa happy?"
Season 6 - Ex on the Beach
"Hold onto your bikinis, Ex On The Beach is back, and with more exes than ever! Zahida and Maisie clash over Sean, but when the first Ex blasts onto the beach the fighting really kicks in."
"The villa reaches breaking point when the arrival of not one but three Exes, causing chaos for lovebirds Ross and Harriette. Meanwhile Zahida's Ex, Joe, spirals out of control."
"The misery continues for the singles as Sean moves from Zahida to Zaralena, and Harriette's love triangle deepens. Maisie's desperate for action and a Geordie makes a spectacular entrance."
"The tension in the villa reaches boiling point as Zaralena feels the force of Zahida's rage. Josh has his eye on Nicole, but will it be game over when she discovers a devastating secret?\u200b"
"Adam reveals his true feelings for Nicole. Jack and Josh hope for fresh blood to arrive in the villa. ZaraLena grows closer to Aaron and Ross and Harriette finally spend a night together in the penthouse..."
"The tablet of terror tops up the torment for Becca, and there's even more heartache for Harriette. Zarlena's misery continues but it's the latest ex who threatens to unleash havoc."
"The arrival of yet another ex bring total carnage to the villa. Nicole faces the truth about Jacques Fraser whil Ross and Hariette are on the rocks once again."
"Jacques Fraser gets his comeuppance whilst the newest ex blasts on to the beach and into the villa, driving a wedge between Sean and Zahida and causing mayhem for everyone."
"Two new exes crash into the villa, bringing fresh hope for Aaron and torment for Becca, Maisie hits an all-time low, whilst Hariette suffers a spectacular meltdown and Sean and Jack come to blows."
"The tablet of terror holds a big fat Greek wedding for Sean & Zahida, but the arrival of the final ex throws the celebrations into chaos. And Harriette faces a shocking revelation from Ross."
Season 7 - Ex on the Beach
"Eight sexy singles hit the beach in Bali hoping to find love. Fatima and Nicole go to war, Geordie Shore's Marty takes a shining to Fatima and it's instant attraction for Che and Max."
"Trouble is brewing on the beach as Geordie Shore's Chloe gets washed up for Marty and reveals her true feelings. Jordan gets, aggy, while Nicole and Fatima's feud reaches a dramatic climax."
"A smoking-hot Ex arrives to shake up the villa and upset the applecart. Jordan goes after Chloe and Marty seeks comfort elsewhere, which leads to a clash of the Geordies."
"Passions are running high in the villa as Chloe sparks a rampage from Marty, Max and Georgia's love reignites and Dean has plans for Che but will the arrival of an ex throw a spanner in the works."
"The arrival of two Exes shakes the villa. Georgia plays with Max's emotions and Marty and Chloe's relationship is tested as Marty reveals a secret."
"The Tablet of Terror continues to cause mayhem as Stevie gets to send someone home, Chloe craves some physical attention from Sam, and a new romance for Brad leaves him on cloud nine."
"The rollercoaster of love continues as Chloe and Sam face more ups and downs. Max gets bored of Stevie and finds fun elsewhere, and the arrival of a new ex sends Georgia and Brad off track."
"The claws are out as the group go wild on safari, and Dean's alpha male status comes under threat. Marty meddles in Chloe and Sam's relationship and John has his hands full with Georgia."
"Tensions between Sam and Marty come to a head. A new arrival sends the twins into battle and could spell trouble for John and Georgia!"
"The party comes to a dramatic end as a familiar face arrives to cause chaos in the villa. Will it be too much for John and Georgia and will Chloe finally have her wicked way with Sam?"
Season 8 - Ex on the Beach
"Eight sexy singles begin their search for love. Zach goes up against Sam to win Charlotte's affection, while Marnie from Geordie Shore eyes up a surprise arrival from Essex!?"
"The exes come thick and fast and cause trouble for Zach, and in an Ex On The Beach first, two Ex's get washed up together but one is living on borrowed time."
"A new arrival sends Marnie into meltdown and knocks Kurtis' nose out of joint, The girls turn on Zach and Tom and Lorna continue their roller coaster relationship."
"Charlotte begins a new romance, Zach takes his frustration out on the villa, ending up in hospital and a shock arrival could mean the end of the road for Tom and Lorna."
"The cracks in Marcel's armour begin to show as a new arrival causes trouble for him and Bibi. Zach pushes Becky over the edge and Tom's delivered a blow that rocks the villa."
"Charlotte and Zach fall out, but will they leave together? Gino has one last hilarious attempt at wooing Lorna and on the final night will the School party descend into chaos?"
Season 9 - Ex on the Beach
"The search for love begins on the beaches of Mexico. Socialite Daisy latches onto Aaron and Essex boy Bobby makes a move on Rhianne, but will the first Ex throw a spanner in the works??"
"Bobby and Bayley reminisce over their past, whilst Zayn continues to grind Natalee\u2019s gears."
"Aaron breaks away from Daisy but can he win over Dominika? A new Ex arrives and threatens to destroy Bobby and Bayley's relationship."
"Bobby is left heartbroken by Bayley and Daisy is only too happy to pick up the pieces. Aaron continues to pursue Dominika and a VIP arrival brings drama to the villa."
"Daisy\u2019s having a rough time in the villa this week as she gets pied AGAIN, this time by the ex she\u2019s in love with, Matty B. Her friendship with the other girls later lies in tatters after a huge row, before Natalee gets cosy with Matty B. Awks."
"A new arrival spells trouble for George, giving Bobby a chance for revenge. Natalee seeks the green light from Daisy to crack on with Matty and Aaron could be playing with fire on a date."
"Daisy hopes a new arrival will finally be her Prince. Bobby\u2019s affections head back in Rhianne\u2019s direction and an Ex-Tra Power brings \u2018home\u2019 to the villa for the first time ever!"
"Katie gets her Ex-Tra Power which could spell the end of the road for one of the originals, George questions Bayley\u2019s trustworthiness and a new ex threatens all the couples\u2019 loyalties."
"The new Ex leads to Dominika and Aaron having their biggest fight yet, there\u2019s trouble in paradise for Nat and Matty and Alicia gets a surprise for her 21st Birthday."
"Daisy and Natalee\u2019s bitter feud comes to a head. Bayley gets jealous of George and Katie flirting, and a new arrival makes Alicia emotional in more ways than one."
"Alex is given the chance for romance with new \u2018crazy\u2019 Dominika. Natalee and Matty grow closer, and a shocking new arrival could spell the end for George and Bayley."
"It\u2019s a Day of the Dead finale party. Can the original girls leave as friends? Will any of the couples survive? Or will one final arrival send the villa into an almighty meltdown?"