The Apprentice

Contestants compete for a job as an apprentice to billionaire American Donald Trump.

Genre: Reality

Director: Mark Burnett

Country: USA , UK

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2004

IMDb: 5.1

Season 8 - The Apprentice
"Donald Trump returns for an eighth season in the boardroom. Joining him are fourteen new celebrity candidates vying for the title of the Celebrity Apprentice, as well as $250,000 for the charity of their choice.\n\nFirst up, a bake sale featuring cupcakes in a challenge to sell the most, despite culinary challenges and a surprise taste test."
"The men look to get back on track this week as they are asked to make a comic book character as a representative for an online company. The winning team will be chosen by the company's executive in charge."
"The remaining celebs must decorate a bare space into a bridal boutique and then sell 125 wedding dresses."
"The teams challenge this week involves a new cell phone in which they must create an event for. But dramas unfold, including a fiery exchange which may become physical. Also, one celebrity is a no show, and another star storms off claiming the celebrities are not being used in the correct situations."
"The celebrities challenge is to take over a ritzy hotel, which will include answer to the guests every beck and call, clean the rooms, manage concierge affairs and delivery room services. But this task does not bold well for an out-of-control manager and unhappy guests."
Season 13 - The Apprentice
"Season 13 opens with 14 returning celebrities tasked to sell meatballs in a charity competition, but there are beefs due to a power struggle and an unorthodox approach to the mission. Stars include Trace Adkins, Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey."
"The teams jet to Universal Orlando Resort in Florida to produce an interactive 3-D photo experience, but an indecisive project manager and a tyrannical leader mar the mission."
"The all-star celebrities must perform a soap-opera scene for a beverage-mix product. One team doesn't mix well, however, when a project manager tangles with an insubordinate member."
"The celebrities must use a glass truck to promote a hair-care and spa-products company in a mission that challenges marketing skills. One team lacks harmony thanks to a troublemaker while another star is labeled a weak player."
"The celebrities are tasked with creating original, three-dimensional artwork. But winning the task comes down to fundraising, and one contestant struggles with bringing in enough money to keep the team safe in the Boardroom. Meanwhile, the other team's Project Manager has to deal with a teammate who over-promises and under-delivers."
"The celebrities must create a product display and advertorial campaign to highlight the new \"Melania\" skin care line. Taking a giant risk, one Project Manager stops Boardroom Advisor Eric Trump from visiting with their team, while the other team is forced to pull the weight for a lackluster team leader. In the Boardroom, everything boils down to one critical error, and a celebrity pays the price for it."
"The All-Stars must once again work to promote popular Australian Gold products, this time by creating a silent film. One project manager is cast aside when a power-usurping teammate takes over the task. Meanwhile, the other project manager risks everything by going against the advice of a teammate."
"When tasked with creating an interactive travel expo for South Africa Tourism, the All-Stars find a former competitor now on the other side of the boardroom table. Down in numbers, one team tries to get the task done with a lame teammate, while the other team's project manager drops the reigns and their concept gets out of control."
"With just six All-Stars remaining, the teams are asked to write, produce and direct a demonstrational video to highlight LG's Smart Home and Home Entertainment systems. One Project Manager's runaway concept leaves the team with little choice but to follow their leader, while the other team gets too caught up in small details."
"The All-Stars are asked to design a Foxwoods Resort themed suite and host a party at the brand-new Barclays Center. One detail-oriented Project Manager gets too literal with the theme, while the other team's plan could be shut down due to bad weather."
"Mr. Trump fires two contestants before the finalists are challenged to take on their biggest task yet. They must create a new flavor of Walgreens Delish brand premium ice cream, produce a promotional video, and raise money for a launch event featuring the new flavors. With six fired All-Stars returning to help them, the two finalists must rely on everything they\u2019ve learned to win the ultimate prize - $250,000 for their charity and the title of All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. With time running out, one finalist can\u2019t edit their video down to time, while the other finalist has trouble finding donors for the launch event."
"The finalists scramble to put the finishing touches on their charity event, enlisting the help of special guests and returning All-Stars."
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Season 14 - The Apprentice
"The celebrities create and sell pies for charity; members of the women's team complain about their project manager."
"The celebrities are assigned to write, produce and direct a commercial. Later, they preside over a presentation and a tasting menu featuring frozen-food products."
"While members of the men's team further their rivalry, the women argue over who should be the model for a photo shoot; project managers try to raise the most money for charity by selling wedding dresses."
"The teams are on their best behavior when Joan Rivers and Ivanka Trump serve as Boardroom Advisors for the first task. Each team must build an Ivanka Trump-Nordstrom shoe boutique inside a Media Truck and throw an outdoor marketing event to launch the new Ivanka Trump \"Power Up\" Campaign. The gloves come off in this boardroom, and Mr. Trump knocks another Celebrity out of the competition. In the second hour, the teams create a viral video to promote the Chock full o'Nuts new single serve coffee cups. Two teammates have an all-out cat fight on the streets of New York City, and in the Boardroom, the tension mounts until Mr. Trump sends another Celebrity packing."
"Each team must plan and host an original boat tour of New York, with the guests choosing the winner; an empty platform stage must be turned into a 3-D environment featuring resort amenities."
"The teams are asked to create a \"photo bomb\" and a hashtag campaign; the teams must write a 30-second beverage jingle' Trump makes a shocking decision."
"Some of the best moments from the series include hirings and firings, feuds and the biggest mistakes."
"The finalists travel to Orlando to complete their biggest task--selling resort vacation packages; six fired celebrities return to help."
"The two remaining finalists complete their last task with some help from eliminated contestants; Donald Trump announces the season 14 winner."
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Season 15 - The Apprentice
"With Arnold Schwarzenegger as the new boss, the celebrities get right down to business with tasks from Tyra Beauty and Trident gum."
"The celebrities must create a live health segment showcasing a grape juice with the teams producing and editing viral videos for a new King's Hawaiian product."
"The celebrity contestants are posed with creating a marketing campaign for Kawaski motorcycles and aren't afraid of pushing boundaries. founder and CEO, Gemma Godfrey, assists celebrity attorney Patrick Knapp Schwarzenegger in overseeing the celebrities campaigns. As one team approached this task with humor, the other team seemed to take gender roles seriously - maybe too seriously. In the second episode the teams are shaken up and it's no longer ladies versus gentlemen. They are presented with creating a new See's Candy for none other than world famous chocoholic Buffett. Two representatives from each team are flown to Omaha, Neb., to present the candy to Buffett in person. Preparation is key in this task as one team fails to do their homework."
"What do dancing models and healthy snacks for on-the-go moms have in common? Not much! Also, the celebs whip up wonder for the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood."
"The final task from Carnival Corporation is well underway and the stakes have never been higher. The two finalists, aided by familiar faces from this season, have been tasked with preparing an ad campaign, hosting a party and producing a mini-variety show, with each one hoping to be named the New Celebrity Apprentice. Exciting music performances from legendary artists and special guests such as Caitlyn Jenner add to the fun of their events as the final two also compete to raise the most money in ticket sales and donations for their respective charities. Later, the Governor makes his most difficult decision this season in naming the New Celebrity Apprentice winner and awarding them with a $250,000 check for their designated charity."